Dr. Chinyere Osuji is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University at Camden and is interested in the role of the family in reproducing and eradicating racial boundaries. Osuji received her PhD in Sociology at the University of California at Los Angeles, where her research focused on black-white interracial couples in Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles. Before coming to Rutgers, Osuji was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Africana Studies. Osuji’s work has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS), the Bilateral Consortium for Social Science and Public Policy (BCSP), the Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA, and the Fulbright Program through the International Institute of Education. Osuji is currently completing a book manuscript based on her dissertation research in Brazil and U.S. She is examining the ways that respondents negotiate racial boundaries in: romantic relationships throughout the life course; reactions from strangers in public; natal and extended families’ integration of different-colored spouses; child racial classification; and self and spousal racial classification.

Dr. Osuji loves working with undergraduates and has trained them in both quantitative and qualitative methods. 

Recent Publications

Osuji, Chinyere. 2014. “Divergence or Convergence: Black-White Interracial Couples and White Family Reactions in the U.S. and Brazil.” Qualitative Sociology.

Zamora, Sylvia and Chinyere Osuji. 2014. “Mobilizing African Americans for Immigrant Rights: Framing Strategies in Two Multi-Ethnic Coalitions.” Latino Studies.

Osuji, Chinyere. 2013. “Racial ‘Boundary-policing’: Perceptions of Black-White Interracial Couples in Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro.” DuBois Review: Social Science Research on Race.

Winner of the 2011 ASA Section on Race and Ethnic Minorities Blackwell Award for Best Graduate Student Paper

Osuji, Chinyere. 2013. “Confronting Whitening in an Era of Black-Consciousness: Racial Ideology and Black-White Interracial Marriages in Rio de Janeiro.” Ethnic and Racial Studies

Featured in Race and Racisms: A Critical Approach edited by Tanya Golash-Boza as “Research Focus: Racial Ideology and Black-White Interracial Marriages in Rio de Janeiro”

Osuji, Chinyere. 2010. “Building Power for ‘Non-Citizen Citizenship:’ A Case Study of The Multi-Ethnic Immigrant Workers Organizing Network (MIWON).” In Ruth Milkman, Joshua Bloom, and Victor Narro (ed.) Working for Justice: The L.A. Model of Organizing and Advocacy, Cornell University Press.