Welcome to my page!


I am Dr. Chinyere [CHEEN-yair-ay] Osuji and I am an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University-Camden in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice. I am affiliated with Africana Studies and Latin American and Latino Studies. I teach a variety of classes including: Interracial and Interethnic Relations, Race in Latin America, American Communities, Introduction to Sociology, Individual and Society (a writing intensive class), and Race in Brazil.


I do research on how Africans and Afrodescendants negotiate ethnic and racial boundaries. This initially led me to interrogate how you marry and form families with whites when living in a racist society. That research culminated in my book Boundaries of Love: Interracial Marriage and the Meaning of Race in which I compare the boundary strategies of blacks and whites in interracial couples in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Los Angeles. Boundaries of Love complicates the notion that ethnoracial boundaries stop mattering for these couples.


I am currently collecting data for my new project on first and second-generation immigrant nursing students and registered nurses. I unpack what they learn about US notions of race both in school and on the job. I hope this project will provide a new lens to understand the racial politics of care and the role of nursing in health inequalities.