African Immigrants and the New Black Middle Class

  Too often in our society, when the media links class and African Americans, they have their eyes on issues of poverty. Decades ago, William Julius Wilson described how class was increasingly bifurcating blacks into those with and those without. Over the last several decades, he has called for more policy consideration for those in entrenched … Read more of African Immigrants and the New Black Middle Class

Paris During the Attacks

I went to a conference on “Mixedness” at the Sorbonne in Paris. On the last day of the conference, some of the conference participants and I decided to grab drinks to celebrate. We were a multinational crowd, although I was the only American. There were two Dutch people, an Italian, a Belgian, a French person, and … Read more of Paris During the Attacks

Advice for the Young at Heart

Right now is not a good time to be in the U.S. We are watching how agents of the state kill unarmed African American men and get away with it time and again. It is too easy to argue that this is about “racist” individual white police officers and “thuggish” individual black men. However, this … Read more of Advice for the Young at Heart